Surface Cleaner with Suction in Brooklyn, NYC

From garage floors to commercial kitchen floors and even sidewalks and more, having the right surface cleaner with suction can make all the difference in Brooklyn, NYC, and the surrounding areas. When you are looking for the right industrial cleaning equipment, contact A-1 Hydro. / Safe Wash Technologies to see all of the options that you need to clean up. This new surface cleaner with suction is a great addition to your cleaning equipment, and has a number of features that make this a superior surface cleaner with suction.

Important Features

Karcher Surface Cleaner with Suction in Brooklyn, NYCWhile many surface cleaners with suction both clean as well as recover the water being used, this latest device can do either of these or both at the same time. It is possible to wash only, and then go back to recover the used water and cleaner in a separate action. It is also possible to do both at the same time, and this is controlled manually with the hand triggers. Along with this separation of cleaning and suction, this new industrial cleaning equipment item also doesn’t require a vacuum attachment for the recovery portion; the venturi nozzle can discharge the used water and cleaning solution because it is attached directly to the housing.

This heavy-duty industrial cleaning equipment is solidly built with precision welds and can withstand water pressures up to 4,000psi. It also features adjustable heights for the housing, and has four stainless steel casters for easy maneuvering. Both handles of this cleaning equipment feature a trigger; one trigger engages the high-pressure cleaning, and the other trigger engages the recovery function with the venturi nozzle.

With a 21-inch cleaning path, this surface cleaner with suction will make quick work of any surface that you need cleaning. With a weight of 44 pounds, it is heavy enough to keep the high-pressure cleaning solution where it needs to be, yet light enough for easily moving around the surface you are cleaning. Thanks to the venturi nozzle that is attached directly to the housing, wastewater can be discharged with a standard 1.5″ vac hose.

When you are looking for the latest in commercial and industrial floor cleaning in Brooklyn, NYC, and the surrounding areas, look no further than A-1 Hydro. / Safe Wash Technologies. The list of industrial cleaning equipment, including the new surface cleaner with suction, will cover any needs that you have.