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hotsy karcher landaMore and more Norwalk, CT businesses are turning to eco-friendly cleaning solutions. That’s because they know that making small changes today, can have a powerful impact on the future. At SafeWash Technologies, we take great pride in helping local businesses, schools, and municipal offices throughout Norwalk and the surrounding communities by providing them with pressure washers and industrial cleaner that are not only safe and effective, but are also good for the environment. So, if your Norwalk, CT business is looking for cost-effective ways to reduce your carbon footprint, look no further than SafeWash Technologies!

With more than 50 years in business, SafeWash Technologies has the knowledge, experience and resources to handle even your most difficult cleaning challenges! Whether it’s a restaurant along the Norwalk River, a house of worship near West Avenue, a manufacturing plant near Norwalk Harbor, or one of Norwalk’s many municipal buildings or schools, you can depend on SafeWash Technologies to provide you with the environmentally friendly power washers and cleaning products you want, delivering the exceptional results you need. In fact, we carry all the top names in pressure washing equipment, including: Hotsy Pressure Washer, Karcher Power Washer and Landa Pressure Washer. Plus, we have a wide array of “green” pressure washer detergents to keep your Norwalk, CT facility clean from top to bottom, whatever the size and scope. Our pressure washer soap and commercial detergents are designed for a variety of demanding applications, and include: industrial cleaners & degreasers, general & heavy duty vehicle care, and building & ground maintenance, as well as specialty formulations for asphalt cleaning, cleaners for garbage trucks and dumpsters, gutter cleaners, roof wash, deck cleaner and more. Best of all, all of our commercial cleaning agents and pressure washer soaps are free from NPEs that can poison the local ecosystem and potentially harm your employees and customers. This commitment to “green” cleaning has earned A-1 Hydro – SafeWash Technologies Champion Status from the EPA, a distinction only held by 24 detergent manufacturers worldwide.

Norwalk, CT features a diverse and growing economic landscape. It is also a city on the water, deeply connected to the natural resources that have helped this community thrive. It is the responsibility of all businesses to help protect those resources by adopting more sustainable practices. Power washers are an environmentally-friendly and economical way to tackle even the toughest cleaning jobs, and A-1 Hydro – SafeWash Technologies is proud to be your premier source for industrial cleaner and pressure washing equipment from Karcher Power Washer, Landa Pressure Washer, and Hotsy Pressure Washer. So whether your business is in Cranbury, Silvermine, East Norwalk, Spring Hill, Rowayton, West Norwalk, or anywhere in between, you can count on SafeWash Technologies to meet your need for pressure washers and pressure washer detergent that is environmentally sound and will keep your facility sparkling clean. Contact us today to learn more.