Pressure Washers, Industrial Cleaners, Power Washers, Pressure Washer Soap & Detergent Power Washing Equipment, Karcher and Landa Pressure Washers in Port Chester, NY

hotsy karcher landaAre you looking for eco-friendly cleaning solutions in the Port Chester, NY area? Look no further than SafeWash Technologies! As the “Restaurant Capital of Westchester County”, Port Chester has some unique cleaning challenges. Fortunately, SafeWash Technologies is up to the task! Pressure washers are an environmentally-friendly and economical way to tackle even the toughest cleaning jobs, and SafeWash is pleased to be your source for the industry’s finest power washers and related pressure washing equipment, including: Landa Pressure Washers, Hotsy Pressure Washers and Karcher Power Washers. So, whether you own a restaurant on Main Street, operate a manufacturing facility off the New England Thruway, or a house of worship on King Street, SafeWash Technologies has your complete Port Chester cleaning solution!


With more than 50 years providing industrial cleaner and pressure washers to Port Chester and the surrounding areas, SafeWash Technologies has seen it all, and there is no job too big for our quality products and equipment! In addition to power washers and related parts and accessories, we are also your source for pressure washer detergent and a number of industrial cleaners. In fact, we carry everything from degreasers and restaurant cleaning products, to building & grounds cleaners, heavy duty vehicle care, and more. Our staff has in-depth knowledge of everything we carry, and they will be happy to work with you to evaluate your cleaning needs, and assist you in selecting which of our environmentally sound cleaning products will work best for your particular application. Not only will our pressure washer soap and commercial cleaners provide your Port Chester business with exceptional results, but they are eco friendly and free from NPEs that can poison the local ecosystem and potentially harm your employees and customers. Unlike other providers that simply claim to have “green” products, our industrial cleaner and pressure washer detergent have have earned us Champion Status from the EPA — a distinction only held by 24 detergent manufacturers in the world. So, you can be confident that your Port Chester, NY business is using only the best, most effective, environmentally friendly products available.


For a small town, Port Chester, NY features a diverse and vibrant business sector. Whether you operate one of the town’s small businesses, or work for Port Chester’s municipality, SafeWash Technologies can match you with the effective, environmentally friendly cleaning solution you need. Plus, we are local, which means you are always welcome to stop by and check out the latest equipment from Hotsy Pressure Washer, Karcher Power Washer and Landa Pressure Washer, along with our line of pressure washer soap and commercial detergents. From Brooksville to Edgeland, Tower Hill to Purdy’s Grove, wherever you are in the Port Chester area, you can depend on SafeWash technologies to handle all of your pressure washing equipment needs. Contact us today. It’s our pleasure to assist you!