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SafeWash Technologies offers the best selection of power and pressure washers, and the expertise to service all your pressure washing needs. The basic difference between a power washer and a pressure washer is that the user can control the water temperature on a power washer. A pressure washer is a mechanical device that uses a pump, typically powered by a gasoline engine, an electric motor, or a diesel engine, to generate a high-pressure stream of water to clean surfaces. The pump is a positive displacement pump that forces a specific amount of water flow from the outlet, and by restricting the flow with the nozzle, much like you do by placing your thumb over the end of a garden hose, the pressure washer produces pressure. The narrow diameter of the nozzle increases the water’s velocity and, consequently, its impact and cleaning power.

A pressure washer cleans by creating a high-pressure stream of water that hits the surface with a large amount of kinetic energy, thus removing the dirt mechanically, while providing a constant flow of water to wash the dirt away. Often dirt is mixed with grease or oil, or other substances, which chemically bond the dirt to the surface you are trying to clean. Sometimes even the force of high-pressure water needed to break these chemical bonds is insufficient to get the surface clean without requiring excessive pressure that is either impracticable or would damage the surface. Adding a detergent or other cleaning chemical, or using hot water while agitating or brushing the surface, significantly enhances the cleaning power of the pressure washer.

In addition to the Power Washers, we offer a full line of Commercial / Industrial Floor Care Equipment, including Floor Scrubbers, Floor Sweepers, Floor Buffers & Polishers, Carpet Cleaners and more.

We can personalize your products and services for your business and your budget, so you can trust your investment is protected. Give us a call today and discover how A-1 Hydro – SafeWash Technologies can help you select the best in green cleaning. A-1 Hydro – SafeWash Technologies has been providing commercial and industrial power washing systems to the New York tri-state area for decades. We offer pressure washing equipment and floor care machines from the three leading manufacturers: Hotsy, Landa, and Karcher. But what if you already have a power washing routine that just needs someone to keep an eye on it? We can offer you proactive service for your system. The Green, Clean Machine is your one-stop source for all your power-washing needs.

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