Pressure Washers, Industrial Cleaners, Power Washers, Pressure Washer Soap & Detergent Power Washing Equipment, Karcher and Landa Pressure Washers in Bridgeport, CT

hotsy karcher landaAre you looking to achieve an exceptional level of clean at your Bridgeport, CT business while promoting environmentally friendly and sustainable business practices? Well, with SafeWash Technologies you can! With more than 50 years in business, SafeWash Technologies is proud to be on the cutting edge of pressure washers and detergent innovation, and we are committed to providing you with quality products that are formulated to tackle even the toughest cleaning challenges. But our industrial cleaner and pressure washer detergents are more than just highly effective, they are eco-friendly too, making SafeWash an industry leader in “green” cleaning!

Bridgeport, CT is home to several medical facilities, schools, manufacturing plants, restaurants and more. While all of these environments are vastly different, they each have their own unique cleaning challenges. That’s where SafeWash Technologies comes in! By providing the industry’s finest pressure washing equipment, like Hotsy Pressure Washers, Landa Pressure Washers, and Karcher Power Washers, along with our full line of pressure washer soap and commercial detergents, we can help you Bridgeport business achieve a superior level of clean, while promoting “green” practices. In fact, we have the industry experience to formulate the perfect products to meet your cleaning needs. Our lineup includes: industrial cleaner & degreasers, general & heavy duty vehicle care, cleaners for building & grounds maintenance, and specialty formulations for deck cleaning, roof wash, asphalt cleaning and more. So, whatever your industry, whether your Bridgeport, CT business is located on Boston Avenue, off the Connecticut Turnpike, on Main Street, or anywhere in between, SafeWash Technologies is at your service!

Lots of companies claim to have “green” products, but few meet the true standards for environmentally friendly cleaning. At SafeWash Technologies our cleaning products are free from NPEs that can poison the local ecosystem and potentially harm your employees and customers. In fact, we have earned Champion Status from the EPA, a distinction only shared by 24 detergent manufacturers worldwide. So, when you need power washers and pressure washer detergents for your Bridgeport business, don’t trust just anyone; come to the experts at SafeWash Technologies! We will provide you with pressure washing equipment and the environmentally sound cleaning agents you need to tackle even the toughest jobs with ease! Stop by and check out the latest equipment from: Karcher Power Washer, Landa Pressure Washer and Hotsy Pressure Washer. We welcome the opportunity to show you how our pressure washers and pressure washer soap can revolutionize the way you clean at your Bridgeport, CT facility. Experience the SafeWash Technologies difference for yourself, and let us put our “green” products, power washers and expertise to work for you!