Suffolk, Farmingdale, Nassau, NYC, NY industrial cleaner

The right industrial cleaner for your cleaning requirements

You need a proper industrial cleaner to tackle those tough greasy and oily cleaning tasks. Safewash Tech provides industrial cleaners throughout Brooklyn, Danbury, Farmingdale, Nassau, NYC and Samford. They have an industrial cleaner for just about any cleaning job. These include general cleaning products, vehicle cleaning products, heavy duty cleaners and speciality cleaners.

Magic Clean is a good example of an all-purpose industrial cleaner and can be used help to clean concrete floors, sidewalks, kitchen floors, patio pavers, driveways, dumpster areas and more. It can also be used in conjunction with pressurised hot or cold water machines. Magic clean contains advanced and high performance chemicals that break down grime and grease and help you to clean faster and more effectively.

Safewash Bodywash is an industrial strength cleaner and great for cleaning cars. It offers superior foaming that gets rid of dirt and grime whilst leaving a durable and aesthetically pleasing wax-like finish. This cleaner can be used with automated car wash systems or with hand washing. It works on all surfaces and finishes including plastic, glass, chrome, aluminium and painted surfaces.

Gutter clean is another industrial strength cleaner that removed dirt, mildew and stains from gutters, windows, doors and siding frames. This product works well on a variety of surfaces, including metal, vinyl, plastic and aluminum. Its spay on wipe-off application makes it a great cleaner for gutters, windows and doors.

Industrial cleaners are often used in conjunction with high pressure systems such as Landa cold and hot water pressure cleaners. For example, the Landa ATB is a powerful mobile high pressure industrial cleaner and is great for cleaning those hard to reach places. This type of industrial cleaner can easily fit into a pickup truck or an ATV. This makes it great for cleaning remote areas and places.