Stamford, Nassau, Mt. Vernon, NYC, NY industrial cleaner

An industrial cleaner for general or specialty cleaning

Some cleaning jobs are tough and require the help of an industrial cleaner. Safewash Tech supplies industrial cleaning equipment and detergents in Bridgeport, Brookfield, Brooklyn, Danbury, Farmingdale and Mt Vernon.

You often need to use high power detergents to remove grease, grime and dirt. For example, Magic Clean is an industrial cleaner or detergent that quickly breaks down petroleum based products and can be used to clean a variety of areas such as concrete floors, sidewalks, dumpster areas, patio pavers and kitchen floors. It is also great for cleaning heavy equipment, garbage trucks and engines.

You can get an industrial cleaner or agent for general cleaning tasks as well as specialized cleaning jobs. Econokleen is a good example of general cleaner. This versatile industrial cleaner is an all-purpose surface cleaner and is great for removing stains and stubborn marks. It can be used on concrete, asphalt and wood surfaces. It is a great cleaning product have at home, your warehouse, office or shop. Safewash clean is another all-purpose industrial cleaner and can be used to clean truck engines, jet engines, wheels, transformers, bus back and even oils spills.

Sometimes you might need a special cleaning agent. These could be for cleaning roofs, construction equipment, asphalt removal, concrete dust cleaning, deck sealer removal and paint stripping. For example, Magic Roof wash is great for cleaning asphalt shingles, removing mold, spores and tree sap.

Gutter Clean is another specialty product designed for cleaning metal, vinyl and aluminum surfaces. The cleaning agent is effect at removing black streaks, mildew and tough soils from gutters, windows frames, door frames and sidings.

It also good to know that there some industrial cleaners that are environmentally friendly. These eco-friendly detergents are NPE free and biodegradable.