Ramps for Salt Corrosion Control in Orange County, New York, White Plains, and Yonkers

Let’s talk about how convenient it would be to clean all the undercarriages of vehicles while in the field. You know that you need to clear the dirt, grime, salt, and other road contaminants off your municipality vehicles. In addition, the more they are maintained, the longer they’ll last. So with these goals in mind, we are proud to have been chosen as official dealers for the Mosmatic Undercarriage Cleaner Ramp.

Undercarriage Cleaner Ramps in Orange County, New York, and White PlainsThe Mosmatic Undercarriage Cleaner Ramp is a revolutionary stainless steel ramp that is easy and fast to assemble, mobile, and only 5” in height. No other manufacturer has a product similar to this with the different options and benefits. For one, the stainless-steel mat can be constructed in minutes and ready to use for either temporary or permanent positions. The ramp is highly flexible in adjusting for water output and pressure so that it can be used on many different types of vehicles, from industrial construction equipment to passenger vehicles. For example, the pressure washer pumps from 6 gpm to 20 gpm and pressure up to 1000 psi. If your municipality uses various chemicals in undercarriage cleaning, the material of the ramp can withstand hot and cold water and PH levels from 3-12.

For municipalities in Orange County, New York, White Plains, and Yonkers, the Mosmatic Undercarriage Cleaner Ramp can be tailored to exactly what you need. And, no matter what equipment you have, this ramp can handle it all. This ramp will work for whatever you need whether your municipality is looking to clean the undercarriages of vehicles in the field or a permanent undercarriage cleaning station in garage storage,

Ready to learn more? Ask us about how the Mosmatic Undercarriage Cleaner Ramp can work on all the vehicles your municipality has, including:

  • Emergency transport
  • Fire fighting
  • Passenger vehicles
  • Construction
  • Snow removal
  • Refuse collection
  • Light trucks
  • Heavy duty
  • Utility maintenance
  • Parks and recreation

And more. There is no end to the list. The Mosmatic Undercarriage Cleaner Ramp can even work on semi-tractor trailers and RVs.

Extend the life and use of your municipality vehicles with an easy-to-use undercarriage cleaner. Contact us to learn more about getting the Mosmatic Undercarriage Cleaner Ramp for your location in Orange County, New York, White Plains, and Yonkers.