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Power industrial cleaners and pressure washer soap machines for effective deep cleaning


When you have to clean areas with grease and grime you need powerful industrial cleaners such as Magic Clean and pressure washer soap machines such as the Hotsy sporty 555SS. Safewash Tech can help you with all your industrial cleaning consumables and pressure washers. They supply a wide range of industrial cleaners and pressure washer soap machines in Akron, Canton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Ohio. Their industrial cleaners are powerful and fast acting and are also eco-friendly and NPE free.

Industrial cleaners such as Magic Clean contain powerful chemicals that break down the elements contained in oil, fuel, grease and grime. This allows for fast and effective cleaning of areas soiled with oil and grease and related products. You can even add these types of industrial cleaners into floor scrubbers and they can also be used effectively in combination low and high pressure cleaners.

Magic Clean and related industrial cleaners are great for cleaning sidewalks, concrete floors, pavers, vehicle engines, industrial equipment, garbage trucks, rubbish bins, kitchens, canteens and more. When you need deep cleaning you need Magic Clean. Whether you are a factory, a school, a college, a warehouse, a janitorial company or an auto shop you need the right cleaning material and equipment to keep your work areas and facilities clean and hygienic.

Whether you need to clean a factory floors, deep clean your canteen, remove road deposits, clean an engine block you need the industrial strength chemicals and power pressure washers. Pressure washer soap machines are essential when you need to clean areas that are subject to grease and grime build-up. The Hotsy 500 series is a rugged yet affordable pressure washer soap machine that is suitable for a wide range of cleaning applications such a factory floors and vehicle engines.