Pressure Washing Equipment in New Windsor NY and Middletown

Safewash Tech can help you with pressure washing equipment in Bridgeport, Brooklyn, Danbury, Medford, NYC, Queens or Suffolk. They sell products leading brands such as Karcher and Landa.

When you face tough cleaning jobs you need the right pressure washing equipment. Whether you have a factory, a boat yard or a restaurant, you rely on your pressure washing equipment to help get the job done.


There are two main types of pressure washers – hot water and cold water pressure washers. If you mostly deal with dirt, then a cold-water pressure washer will get the job done. The moment you add oil and grease to the equation, you ideally need a hot water pressure washer.


For example, If you have a restaurant or facility kitchen you will need a hot water pressure washer. A good example is the Karcher HD 2.3/14 C Ed Food pressure washer. It is ideal for busy kitchens such as those found in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, campuses, military bases big ships and large facilities. This machine can handle water temperatures of 180 degrees Fahrenheit and its portable design makes it easier to clean hard to reach places.


Landa is a leading name in pressure washing equipment. The Landa Karcher industrial pressure washers make cleaning a lot easier, a lot faster and great deal more effective. You don’t have the time for workers to try and perform difficult cleaning tasks with old fashioned scrubbing. It is also not a good employment to force your workers into hard labor practice. Powerful pressure washer equipment enables you to clean faster, better and more cost-effectively than with other old fashioned methods of hard labor and elbow grease.


Whether you need to clean a golf course, a manufacturing plant, heavy equipment, a fleet of vehicles, large boats or service kitchens, you will appreciate the help you get form pressure washing equipment such as the Landa Hot Series.