Pressure washing equipment in Medford and Mt. Vernon, NY

Pressure washing equipment for all types of cleaning applications

Some type of cleaning would be difficult if not impossible without pressure washing equipment. Equipment such as Karcher hot and cold power/pressure washers are essential for tough cleaning jobs. Safewash Tech supplies pressure washing equipment such as Karcher and Landa in Brookfield, Medford and Suffolk.

Whether you need to clean a factory floor, your driveway, vehicle engines, carpets or trucks, you will want the help of pressure washing equipment. Two of the leading brands in power washer equipment are Karcher and Landa. The manufacture hot and cold water power washers for a variety of cleaning requirements from factory floors to waste and reclaim applications.

Consider the Karcher HD 2 3/14 C. This hot water power washer can easily handle temperatures of up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. This power washer is suitable for commercial kitchens and food service applications. Its portability combines with a compact design makes it great for mobility and fast clean-ups. Its non-marking wheels means you see unsightly floors marks and tracks.

If you need factory floor or in-plant cleaning, then the Landa EHW series will help you get the job done. It does not use open flames or release hazardous fumes. It also features a time delay shutdown which improves safety and saves energy.

The Landa ECOS in an eco-friendly mobile wash and reclaim system. This system recycles wash water thereby reducing the demand on fresh water supplies. This hot water pressure washer is suitable for municipalities and construction contractors.

The Karcher HD compact class of electric powered cold water power washers are great for general purpose cleaning washing and cleaning.

Pressure washing equipment can be expensive but there are financing options which can ease the burden on your cash flow. Equipment leasing offers 00% financing, fixed monthly payments, flexible payment periods and option to buy. Leasing also offers protection against obsolescence.