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The right Hotsy pressure washer for you

Hotsy pressure washers are well known for their ruggedness and durability. If you want a Hotsy pressure washer in Farmingdale, Medford, NYC or Suffolk, then Safewash Tech can help. They are authorized agents and can also help you with related industrial cleaners and products. Their knowledgeable consultants will help you select the right Hotsy pressure washer for your requirements.

A Hotsy pressure washer provides industrial strength cleaning that you need to tackle those tough cleaning tasks. Your Hotsy pressure also comes with great backup service, an excellent warranty and is ETL safety certified. One of the important decisions you need to make is between a hot water and a cold-water pressure washer.

Pressure washers are available in two main designs – hot water and cold water. Cold water pressure washers are great for removing dirt and light cleaning tasks. For example, if you need to wash down an outside wall before repainting, a cold-water pressure washer is ideal. If you regularly need to clean petroleum based grime and oils, you will be better served by a hot water washer. Hot water is more effective at cutting through grease, oil and grime.

Whether you settle for a hot water or cold water model, you can be confident that your Hotsy pressure washer will perform properly whenever you need to perform a cleaning task. They are designed for continuous commercial and industrial applications. A Hotsy cold water washer will make light work of removing dirt and mud. A Hotsy hot water model will quickly cut through grease, oil and grime.

Cold water models can be electric powered or gas powered. Hot water models can be powered by diesel, electricity or gas. Heating is provided by fuel or natural gas. The team at Safewash Tech will advise about the best power washer and related detergents for your cleaning needs.