Pressure Washers in Medford, Westchester and Queens, NY


Industrial cleaners and Pressure washer soap for all type of cleaning

Whether you need heavy cleaning or light cleaning you can get the right industrial cleaners and pressure washer soaps from Safewash Tech. They are leading innovators and suppliers of detergent and cleaning products and serve the businesses and communities of Akron, Canton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Ohio.

The pressure washer soap and industrial cleaners available form Safewash Tech are powerful but at the same time eco-friendly. These cleaners and detergents can be used in conjunction with various pressure washers and will enable you to keep your industrial, commercial or residential properties and environments nice and clean. Pressure washer soap can also be used for cleaning equipment, vehicles and machines.

No cleaning job is beyond the powerful pressure washers and industrial cleaners available from Safewash. You can even get custom formulated and tailored cleaning solution if that is what is required. Whatever your cleaning needs, you will be able to find the rights detergents, chemicals, industrial cleaners and pressure washer soaps for the job.

For example the sate-approved detergent AR-400 is perfect for cleaning asphalt. This cleaning detergent creates a tough and resistant coating that prevents the build-up and accumulation of asphalt. This translates to substantial savings on detergents and cleaners. Magic Clean is another powerful industrial cleaner that contains powerful chemicals that easily break down grime, grease, oil and petroleum based dirt.

Industrial cleaners and degreasers such as Magic Clean, Safe Wash Classic, Trash X 24 and XPO Fleet wash will make your cleaning jobs a great deal easier and more effective. For example XPO Fleet wash is scientifically formulated to easily remove dirt, grime and grease from various vehicles in your fleet such as buses, trucks and even trains. XPO premium contains special compounds that are safe to use with any finish.