Pressure Washers in Brooklyn, Medford, Stamford, NY

Pressure and power washer for general or specialized cleaning

It will be difficult if not impossible to clean certain things and areas without the help of pressure washers. Safewash Tech is a leading supplier of pressure and power washers in Bronx, Farmingdale, Nassau, Rockland, Suffolk and Westchester NY. They offer leading brands such as Karcher and Landa.

Whatever you need to clean there is a cold or hot water power washer that’s right for the job. Whether you need to clean outdoor areas, vehicles, a bicycle, patio furniture, driveways, pathways, entrance halls, off-road vehicles, a boat or garden tools, a pressure washer makes the job easier and more effective.

Pressure washers are easy to use. You just need to connect to a water supply and switch your pressure washer on. You can also easily adjust the pressure and use innovative features such as dirt blaster. This is great to remove moss layers from brick work. A blaster nozzle delivers a concentrated rotating spray that is very effective at removing moss and similar growths.

Vehicle cleaning requires special considerations. Karcher accessories and cleaning agents ensure thorough yet gentle vehicle care. You can use a light spray to remove loose dirt and the foam nozzle for superior cleaning.

When it comes to deck and patio cleaning power washers with double nozzles create a hovercraft effect that enables a superior cleaning process.

For tough tasks you can also use special cleaning chemicals and detergents to get rid of stubborn stains and marks. Power washers can be great for a variety of cleaning tasks from gutter cleaning to car cleaning.

The Kärcher HDS Compact Class Cold Water Pressure Washers are excellent for auto dealers, builders and farmers alike.

The K5 Premium is a 2000 PSI. electric pressure washer that can be used for tough cleaning jobs. It sports a pressurised hose reels and a patented inductions water cooled long-life motor.