Power Washers in Nassau, Danbury, Norwalk, Stamford, New Windsor, and the Surrounding Areas

We wash our dishes with hot water, we wash our clothes with hot water, so why wouldn’t we use hot water with a pressure washer? Power washers do just that with the combination of high pressure and hot water and provide great cleaning results in Nassau, Danbury, Norwalk, Stamford, New Windsor, and the surrounding areas. A-1 Hydro, Inc. / Safe Wash Technologies has a number of different options to provide superior cleaning utilizing a power washer setup. From municipalities to road companies and other commercial and industrial customers, our team can help equip your team with the right power washers. Contact us today to learn more.

But Our Organization Already Has a Pressure Washer

Power Washers in Nassau, Danbury, Norwalk, Stamford, New WindsorIn many cases, we talk with organizations that already have a pressure washer that they use. And while it does help to get things cleaner, they know that adding hot water to the mix would greatly improve the cleaning results. The issue is that they don’t want to swap out their perfectly good pressure washer for a power washer, but fortunately they don’t have to.

We have a great Landa hot water heater that can attach to a pressure washer to provide the desired hot water to transform their setup into a power washer. With it being mounted on wheels it is easily portable to where you need the additional cleaning power of a power washer. And when there are times that you don’t need the hot water, simply disconnect the Landa hot water heater and use your pressure washer by itself.

Power Washers of All Sizes

There are many times where it just makes life easier to bring the item to be cleaned to the power washer rather than bring the power washer to the item. Road construction and maintenance equipment is a great example of this, and often municipalities will have a designated area where a permanently installed power washer can be used to clean the equipment.

In other cases portability makes the most sense, such as in the case of park and recreation services, agriculture settings, forestry departments, and other situations. Some models can be mounted in the back of a pickup truck while others can be mounted on a trailer. In either case these portable models feature a large water tank, water heater, and pressure washer all connected together, ready for action.

Power washers provide that extra punch to really get equipment, buildings, and other structures as clean as possible in Nassau, Danbury, Norwalk, Stamford, New Windsor, and the surrounding areas. Contact our team at A-1 Hydro, Inc. / Safe Wash Technologies to learn more.