Newburgh, Westchester Industrial Cleaner from Safewash Tech

The right industrial cleaner for your cleaning application


When you have heavy and tough cleaning tasks then you need an industrial cleaner such as Magic Clean or Trash X24.   Safewash Tech can supply you with the right industrial cleaner in Bridgeport, Middletown, Montgomery NY, Mt Vernon, Newburgh, NYC or Suffolk. They supply a comprehensive range of degreases, chemical solvents, defoamers, descalers, rinse additives and industrial cleaners.


You can get an industrial cleaner for just about any application. You get general purpose industrial cleaners, kitchen cleaners, drain cleaners, vehicle cleaners, trash cleaners, resin cleaners, degreasers and more.


For example, the Safwash Econokleen is a concentrated general-purpose cleaner that is very effective for home cleaning, shop cleaning and office cleaning. General purpose cleaners can contain elements such as liquid alkaline, caustic powder, antifreeze, silicate powder and so on. Safwash Econokleen is a great general-purpose surface cleaner and will remove stains and soils from wooden, concrete or asphalt surfaces.


Safewash Classic is a specially formulated industrial cleaner that with high and low-pressure applications as well as hot and cold pressure washers. Safewash Classic can be used or cleaning and degreasing tasks such as:


  • Degreasing of engine blocks and heavy equipment
  • Removing road deposits
  • Removing baked on grease and oil from ovens and hoods
  • Tug boat cleaning
  • Jet engine cleaning
  • Cleaning of wheels
  • Cleaning of transformers
  • Cleaning oil spills
  • Cleaning undercarriages


Safewash industrial cleaners are


  • Kind to the environment
  • NPE Free
  • Biodegradable
  • Versatile & Effective
  • Affordable & economical


When you face tough cleaning jobs you can rely in Safewash Tech equipment and industrial cleaners to help get the job done quickly and effectively. They can help you with right industrial cleaner or pressure washer.  So whether you need general purpose cleaning in Bridgeport, oil spill cleaning in Middletown, commercial kitchen cleaning in Montgomery NY, vehicle cleaning in Mt Vernon, degreasing in Newburgh, heavy duty cleaning in NYC or trash bin cleaning in Suffolk, they have the right industrial cleaner for you.

Newburgh, Westchester Industrial Cleaner from Safewash Tech is biodegradable and effective. Contact us today for details about industrial cleaner.