Winter is Almost Here—Are You Ready?

Washing + Neutralizing Salt = Longer Lifespan for Your Fleet

If you’re interested in extending the life of your vehicles this winter and keeping your drivers safe, we can help. By both washing your trucks and neutralizing salts after every storm you can stop corrosion before it starts. New super-salts keep the icy roads safer, but at the cost of damage to your trucks and potentially danger to your employees.


Pressure washing your trucks helps get some of the salt off, but it also pushes some salt into hard to reach areas where it can cause corrosion. In addition, you need to wash your fleet after every storm or else the salts will accumulate and damage your trucks. Making sure to get into all of the tight spaces is a hard job, but it can be made easier with an undercarriage cleaner or fully automatic drive-through truck wash.

Neutralizing Salt

If you’re only washing with water you’ll be left with a truck that’s only partially clean. Water alone can’t dissolve the super-salts used on icy roads. Salt Buster is an effective, eco-friendly detergent that is safe to use on your trucks, safe for your employees, and safe for the environment.

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