Kearny, Danbury, Suffolk and Westchester, NY power washers

Power washers for a variety of cleaning applications

If you need industrial cleaning in Brookfield, garage floor cleaning in Suffolk or light commercial cleaning in Westchester, Safewash Tech has the right power washer for you. Power washers such as those manufactured by Landa and Kärcher will produce noticeably better results when it comes to tough cleaning. When you need powerful industrial washing and or light residential cleaning then you need the right pressure washer for best hygienic and clean results.

A power washer provides that amplified pressure you need to rid of dirt, stains, moss and growth. Normal water pressure is about 4 bar but the booster pump in pressure washer will amplify that by a factor of 30 or 40. For example a normal light application power washer can deliver a water jet-stream of around 160 bar.

Power washers can be used to help clean just about anything. There are power washers suitable for light residential applications such as cleaning cars, bicycles, patio furniture, motorcycles, garden tools, walls and facades. Pressure washers can also be used for heavy duty industrial cleaning such as engines, factory floors, equipment and trucks.

Power washers can be electric, petrol or diesel powered. These means power washers will either have electric motoes or internal combustion engines. You also get cold and hot water models and they can be mobile, trailer mounted or stationery. For example, The HDS 1000 is a powerful hot water pressure washer powered by a four-stroke diesel engine suitable all types of industrial cleaning and the Kärcher HDS 2000 is a hot water pressure washer that is ideal for cleaning large areas with heavy soiling.

So if you need to clean mossy paving in Suffolk, a terrace in Brookfield or a big truck in Westchester, there is a pressure washer just right for the job.