Industrial cleaner in NYC, Farmingdale, Port Chester, NY

The right industrial cleaner for your application

If you want to clean properly you often need a commercial grade industrial cleaner such as SafeWash Magic Clean and Safewash classic. Safewash Tech supplies a range industrial cleaning agents and equipment throughout NYC, Farmingdale, Port Chester and Yonkers, NY.

There are many types of industrial cleaners such as degreasers, descalers, general purpose cleaners, drain cleaners, paint strippers, resin cleaners and vehicle cleaners. Degreasers can be used for the application such as the removal of road deposits, cleaning engine blocks as well as concrete floors, sidewalks and pavers. Degreasers can also be used for general cleaning applications such as kitchen floors and garden pavers.

Descalers are often used to clean cooling systems and heat transfer surfaces. Drain cleaners generally contain bioactive cultures that digest organic wastes. They can be used for drains, traps and sewage systems. Commercial strength kitchen cleaners are ideal for use in restaurants, hotels and catering facilities. You need a high alkaline industrial cleaner for effective removal and cleaning of baled on grease and oil. You also get special industrial cleaners that suitable for cleaning cars and trucks.

Safewash can help you with the right industrial cleaner for your application. For example, SafeWash Magic Clean is super strong industrial cleaner that can be used for concrete floors, sidewalks, garden pavers, kitchen floors, dumpster areas, garbage trucks, engine degreasing and heavy equipment. Safewash also has the perfect product for fleet cleaning. The XPO Premium industrial cleaner will easily remove dirt, grime, oil and grease from cars, trucks, buses and trains.

Safewash products are eco-friendly, NPE free, versatile and economical. There industrial cleaners can be used with high or low pressure applications. So whether you need to clean a factory floors, your restaurant kitchen, your fleet of trucks, your driveways or your drains, Safewash has the right industrial cleaner for you.