Industrial Cleaner in Middletown and Newburgh

There many different types of industrial cleaner products on the market and Safewash Tech can help you with right cleaning solutions. They provide industrial cleaner products throughout Middletown, Montegomery NY, New Windsor NY, Newburgh, Orange County NY and Wallkill. These include pressure washers, industrial solvents, degreasers, defoamers, descalers, paint strippers and floor care products.
You need a combination of cleaners to get the job done. For example, a pressure washer and the right chemicals or detergents. When it comes to pressure washers you can’t go wrong with brands such as Karcher and Landa. Some cleaning jobs are well-suited to cold water pressure cleaners. Heavy grease and grime cleaning jobs will require the use of hot water power washer.
When it comes to industrial cleaners you have several options. These include industrial degreasers, vehicle care products, general cleaning products and speciality cleaning products. Safewash Trash X24 is a powerful industrial cleaner suitable for cleaning dumpsters, garbage trucks, compactors, stair wells and urinals. Trash X24 also deodorises smelly places and makes tasks such as grange removal more palatable.
Some cleaning tasks require speciality cleaning products. Safewash Gutter Clean is an industrial cleaner designed for speciality cleaning such as gutters, external metals, vinyl and aluminum surfaces.
Vehicle cleaning is also a type of speciality cleaning. Safewash has the right vehicle cleaning products for you. SafeWash Bodywash is a speciality industrial cleaner suitable for the car wash industry. You can use this cleaner to wash one car or multiple vehicles. Bodywash will not strip wax but actually creates a durable wax-like finish.
For proper cleaning, you need the right industrial cleaner. You actually need a combination of industrial cleaning products such as power washers, degreasers, vehicle care products, floor care products, speciality cleaners and so on.