Industrial Cleaner in Middletown and Montgomery NY

Tough cleaning is part of life and when you need to do a lot of it on a regular basis then you need the help of an industrial cleaner. Safewash Tech supplies businesses and facilities throughout the Bronx, Brooklyn, Farmingdale, Mt Vernon, Nassau, NYC and Suffolk with industrial cleaners. They have a range of cleaning products suitable for different industries and applications.


A good example of an industrial cleaner is Magic Clean. This product contains advanced and high performance chemicals that breaks down old and petroleum based grime. Magic Clean makes it easy and cost effective to clean surfaces that contain built up oil and grease deposits.


When looking for an industrial cleaner you want a product that is fast and effective. You want a powerful degreaser. You also want a product that work with floor scrubbers as well as high pressure cleaning equipment.


Magic Clean is also NPE free and environmentally friendly. Magic Clean can be used to help clean concrete floors, kitchen floors, engines, industrial equipment, sidewalks, pavers, patios, dumpster areas, garbage trucks and more.


If you have smelly areas to clean you may want a speciality industrial cleaner such as TrashX 24. This product not only helps with the cleaning process, it neutralises unpleasant odors as well. This is due to scientifically formulated chemicals that break down unpleasant odors and help make trashy jobs more palatable. TrashX 24 is NPE free, environmentally friendly, Biodegradable and great for cleaning garbage trucks, dumpster areas, compactors, stairwells, urinals and restrooms.

If you need to clean a fleet of vehicles, then you might be interested in XPO Fleet Wash. This industrial cleaner is specially designed to clean cars, trucks, vans, buses and trains. This product contains chemicals that are gentle enough for polished surfaces but strong enough to get rid of windshield eyebrows, diesel exhaust stains, salt stains, bugs, bird droppings, tree sap and road kill.