Industrial Cleaner in Medford, Brooklyn and Stamford, NY

Industrial cleaners for all types of applications and cleaning tasks

When it comes to tough cleaning you need special chemicals to get the job done. Safewash Tech supplies a comprehensive range of industrial cleaners in Akron, Canton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Ohio. These products include industrial strength chemicals such as Magic Clean, Safewash Classic, TrashX 24 and XPO fleet wash.

XPO fleet wash is great for all types of vehicles form trucks to buses, from tankers to trains. This pressure washer soap can be used in both low and high pressure applications and contains specially formulated chemical that will safely remove dirt, dust and grime from any vehicle. This product will effectively This pressure washer soap makes fleet cleaning a breeze. In addition, XPO fleet wash is eco-friendly, NPE free and contains no phosphates or acids. This product helps to clean windshields, vehicle chassis, exhaust stains, salt stains, bugs, dropping and sap.

There are different types of industrial cleaners designed for different application and cleaning jobs. For example, TRashX24 is specifically designed to clean, deodorize and sanitise dumpsters, compactors and garbage removal trucks.

Safewash Classic is more of an all-purpose pressure washer soap and detergent. This product can be used to clean just about anything including engines, wheels, engine rooms. Its signature formula will quickly remove oil stains, grease, grime and dirt.

A general cleaning product such as Econokleen is specifically designed to clean all types of hard surfaces and can also be used to clean and remove stains from concrete, asphalt or wood surfaces.

HouseWash is a great detergent for use in and around the home. It can be used to clean wood, vinyl and bricks and will remove stains caused by mold and algae. It can be used as in combination with a pressure washer or garden hose.