Hotsy Pressure Washers in Rockland, NY

Hotsy hot and cold pressure washers

In order to keep your commercial, industrial, public or recreational facility sparkling keen you need equipment such as power washers as well as high-grade eco-friendly detergents and chemicals. If you are looking robust power washers such as the Hotsy Pressure Washer in Bronx, Farmingdale, Nassau, Rockland, Suffolk or Westchester NY then Safewash Tech can help.

There are many power washers available but when you a brand name washer such as the Hotsy Pressure Washer you will save time and money over the long run. If there is a tough cleaning job then you need the power and strength that a Hotsy washer delivers. Despite its name you also get cold water Hotsy pressure washers. Whether you need a hot water or cold water power washer depends on what you want to clean.

Cold water power washers such as the Hotsy 1700 Series Cold Water Pressure Washer is great for lighter cleaning tasks such as blasting away mud or sand. However when you are dealing with oil and grease then a hot water model is a better option. Basically hot water will clean better than cold water and in if you are cleaning automotive engines, spills or parts with grease you will need hot water. Hot water power washers cost more than cold water ones but for those tough greasy and oily jobs hot water is the way to go.

Power washers combine 3 key elements – pressure, agitation and detergents. The pressure is provided by the pump and the agitation by the high pressure. The soap or detergents helps to complete the cleaning cycle.

The pump is probably the most important component of a power washer. The Hostsy pump is tough and rugged and engineered to deliver the kind of pressure you need when you have to tackle those challenging cleaning jobs.