Hotsy pressure washer in Queens, Medford and Suffolk, NY

The right Hotsy pressure washer for your cleaning requirements

Most tough cleaning jobs require the use of a pressure washer. Hotsy pressure washers are known for their toughness, reliability and durability. Safewash Tech has approved and recommended agents for Hotsy pressure washers in Medford, NYC and Suffolk. When you buy a Hotsy pressure washer from an authorised dealer you can be confident that you will get the right washer for your needs. A Hotsy dealer will even do an on-site cleaning evaluation in order to determine the right cleaner for your circumstances.

There are two main types of Hotsy pressure cleaners – cold and hot water cleaners. A Hotsy cold water pressure washer is ideal for cleaning and removing dirt from all types of surfaces. However, if you need to clean oil or grease then you will be better off with a hot water pressure washer.

Coldwater pressure washers are cheaper to buy, operate and maintain. They are also smaller in design and more portable. A Hotsy cold water pressure washer is ideal for cleaning most impurities and dirt. Dirt is quickly dislodged by the mechanical force of a pressurised water jet. So when you need to clean surfaces that have little or no grease and oil, then all you need is a Hotsy cold water pressure washer.

When you need to clean oily and greasy surfaces you need to combined effect of pressure, heat and chemicals. Hot water helps to energise and break down the molecules contained in oil and grease. In addition, a hot water pressure washer also delivers a mechanical force on the form of a pressurised jet of water.

Apart from hot or cold water, you also need to decide the power source that will drive your washer. You get Hotsy diesel, electric or gas powered models. Your dealer will help you make the right choice.

Whatever your cleaning job, there is a Hotsy pressure washer that is up to the task.