Hotsy Power Pressure Washers: Bronx, Queens, NYC

Nothing cleans like a Hosty Pressure washer

They say nothing cleans like a Hotsy.  With a Hotsy pressure washer you have many cleaning solutions at your disposal. Safewash Tech is an authorised distributor of Hotsy power washers in

Bronx, Farmingdale, Nassau, Rockland, Suffolk and Westchester NY.


Hotsy power washers are rugged, strong and durable. An industrial strength Hotsy power washer can take care of any cleaning task, from normal cleaning to heavy duty. A local supplier such a Safewash will help you select the right pressure washer for your needs. For example, they will advise regarding the pros and cons of hot water power washers vs cold water ones. You also get great warranties, superior performance and top notch customer service.  You can also have peace of mind knowing your Hotsy pressure washer is ETL safety certified.

With a name like Hotsy you will think they ony build hot water power washers. Well that is not true. Their hot water power washers are superb, but they all manufacture an impressive range of cold water power washers.  Like their hot water counter parts, Hotsy cold water pressure washers can be used in normal and industrial cleaning environments alike.

A Hotsy cold water pressure washer will help you tackle just about any cleaning without blowing your budget. Of course a hot water pressure washer will clean more oil and grease more easily, but there are many cleaning situations where a cold water pressure washer will do just as well.


Of course you also need the right detergents and chemicals to compliment your Hotsy pressure washer. That is why we call it a pressure washing system. Eco friendly detergents, chemicals and of course your Hotsy pressure washer are all part of an effective cleaning .


So speak to the cleaning experts at Safewash and get the right cleaning system for your needs.