Cleaning Tip of The Month

Keep Your Patrons Safe & Your Floors Clean

Many regions suffer from harsh winters that can effect your customers’ safety and the life of your floors. So the question is, “How to eliminate slip and fall hazards and keep floors consistently looking clean in the winter?” By implementing the following steps, you can leave every surface clean and dry.

Entryway mats are a quick and easy way to reduce debris from entering a facility. Mats catch and stop soils and moisture from damaging floors. Soil and sand can scratch and damage your hard floors, meaning extra restorative work for you down the road. It also can abrade carpet fibers, decreasing the appearance and life of your carpet.

For hard floor surfaces and high traffic areas without matting, quick clean up is simple when you keep your cleaning equipment, like the B 60/10 Eco auto mop, close at hand. While outside, a sweeper like the KM 70/20 is effective at removing soils, sand, and ice on mats and sidewalks before it enters the facility.

Inside the building on soft floors or mats, vacuum high traffic areas regularly with a Sensor S2 vacuum. If a spot has already occurred on your carpet, the iCapsol Mini Deluxe will quickly encapsulate carpet surfaces with little effort, drying your carpet in about 20 minutes.

By implementing these simple solutions, mats and the right floor care equipment, you can eliminate slip and fall hazards and extend the life of your floor, even in through the harsh winter.

What Product Should I Use?

The KM 70/20 eliminates soils from entering the facility.
The B 60/10 Eco is a quick, simple solution for spill pick-up.
The Versamatic HEPA vacuums clean dry floors.
The iCapsol Mini Deluxe removes carpet spots fast.

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