Brooklyn, Rockland, Westchester, Suffolk NY Power Washers

No job too greasy for a Hotsy pressure washer

When you have got a tough cleaning job then you need a hotsy pressure washer to help you. If you need power washers in Bronx, Farmingdale, Nassau, Rockland, Suffolk or Westchester NY then Safewash Tech can help. They stock a wide range of power washers including hot and cold water washers.

These power washers are simply amazing when it comes to cutting through dirt, grime, oil and grease. Even professional cleaning companies use power washers such as a Hotsy hot water power washer or a cold water Hotsy pressure washer. This is because Hotsy power washers are designed and engineered for heavy duty use. These tough cleaning machines can tackle any cleaning job even in the most rugged environments. Hotsy power wasters are all ETL certified for safety and have long warranties that cover their high pressure pumps.

When you look at a Hotsy pressure washer you can see this in one tough and mean cleaning machine. In fact there is no job dirty enough for a Hotsy. Hotsy power washers are perfect for heavy duty industrial cleaning. Their efficient upright burners and their superbly engineered heating coils ensure you get optimum heat and maximum pressure cleaning performance.

Now whether you need a hot or cold water power washer depends on how tough the cleaning job is. When you need to clean grease and oil you need a hot water power washer. For lighter cleaning jobs a cold water pressure will do.

Power washers can be gas driven or powered by an electric motor. Hot water power washers can be heated with oil, fuel, diesel, gas or propane. Electric powered cold water pressure washers can be used indoors or out, and are available in hand held, portable or stationary models

For example the Hotsy 1700 Series Cold Water Pressure Washers are electric powered and can be wall mounted or cart mounted for portability.